Thursday, July 8, 2010


The Gift-Tek One

3rd Reese

How i adore thee. Harry-Skrein(bare noize) DIRRTYDUBS

Constant State of Departure

sea2sky first day of the best year of our lives... biggups 2o1o
also heres baths-animals


BUM, not the kind previously exhibited

Real Estate

wake up to this in the morning...
this is me.. Otherside 2.0-Abe Normalle (produced by OneTakeRecords)

Keep Forgetting a Title...

beauteous.. some more dubstep, also a friend of mine. sub antix
new track check this kid out hes unreal
Empire- Sub Antix

Aristocrat (Produced By Sub Antix {instrumental by remains}) by OrangeJoshua

Aristocrat (Produced By Sub Antix {instrumental by remains}) by OrangeJoshua a friend of mine. o joshua biggups checkout presenting... also

summer dub revised.
nevermind click this one summer dub

also this isnt dubstep but courtesy of my friend M.
goth star- pictureplane


Sex, Drugs and Dubstep

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